#WatchtheWrestling: King of Trios Final Night, Chikara, Wolverhampton September.

For the first time ever, Chikara brings its annual Trios Tournament to the UK, to celebrate how far British Wrestling has come.

You can’t really escape Chikara on wrestling Twitter, it pops up from time to time with its appropriate family friendly content. And on my quest to see more wrestling in 2017, I was delighted to attend the first King of Trios to be held in the UK.

I had just spent nearly 5 hours on various trains to get to a rainy Wolverhampton, but I was really excited to see what is often tipped as one of the most interesting tournaments in wrestling.

The booking of the final Trios matches was exceptional, the gusty Sendai Girls battled their way to the final and British Strong Style got a bye due to injury. The nastiness of British Strong Style in the final contrasted every kick out and come back from the Sendai Girls. While Bates, Dunne and Trent won, by the final bell everyone was on their feet to show their appreciation to both teams.

And this show had really everything, Indie mainstays, legends, the usual Chikara characters and a few UK regulars from the scene. From top to bottom, the card gave you a balanced show. Throughout the evening, you would have laughed, cheered, booed and felt moved by what you saw in the ring.

But it was the crowd that was my biggest take away. They were there to boo the heels and cheer for the heroes. And 99% of the audience did that. It made the show, and just projected all the hard work in the ring. I don’t think I will ever experience anything like this until Chikara comes to the UK again. Which I hope they do.


  • #CCK, they truly were the best boys in the tag team turmoil.
  • Los Ice Creams brought the funny and the audience loved it.
  • The top tier heel work of Pete Dunne in the final, he earned the boos.
  • No Fun Dunn trying to write Officer Barksdale a ticket.
  • Stiff kicks from Meiko Satomura.
  • A run in, well cycle in from the Bike Cops.

Chikara really were family friendly fun and it seems apt that they would bring one of their biggest events to the UK just as British Wrestling is killing it.

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