Haikus, March 18–24, 2016


Talk of yesterday
old arguments make us laugh
true tales evolve

March 24, 2016


Go to sleep, wake up
just lie there for a moment
best when the day waits

March 23, 2016


Long-term plans arise
an endless balance reset
until the flame out

March 22, 2016


On first day of spring
a cold snap cracks, slams, and whips
spring says no, loudly

March 21, 2016


Curves down at the end
map shows a straight ahead path
either way, we go

March 20, 2016


Saturday morning
sleep late, lounge, lounge some more
because there’s Sunday

March 19, 2016


Another chapter
late at night and driving rain
you called and I came

March 18, 2016

Jeffrey Yamaguchi | Daily Haiku | @haikuexpanse

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