Body of Water Haikus, 42–52

Spring on the water
your reflection shines anew
old leaf floats on by

Fell asleep on beach
setting sun awakened us
hues stream the sweet dreams

Lay flat still water
ease into the slip of time
brace for breath’s echo

Lake shows me something
different take every time
there is the long day

There is reach unseen
rolling forth under rough swell
tales start in shadow

Spring again, you
break me in your absence rift
loss in wind blows back

Exploring water
quenches the racing, tired mind
always, we need more

Standing at the break
pure force for final approach
at last moment, dive

The pull of water
sunshine and win unfurl time
to the source we go

Fluid perfection
seamless slip into the cool
breathing in the blue

Call of water sounds
moon’s glow deepens pulse of flow
dance the boundless waves

Jeffrey Yamaguchi

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