Sunrise Walk in the Snow

Wake up and it’s still dark outside. Dark and cold, because it’s January, and there’s snow on the ground from one of the biggest blizzards in NYC, ever. Too tired to fall back asleep. That makes no sense, but that’s what it feels like. It’s not the middle of the night, but still too early to get up. Lying there is no good. The stresses of nothing particularly important begin to creep into the mind. So I climb out of bed and realize that I’m not so tired after all. Sunrise is maybe a half-hour away. Or less. It happens fast, that sunrise. I like that it’s a chase. And that it’s fleeting and monumental at the same time. I throw on some clothes, hat, scarf, jacket. Lace up the boots and I’m out the door. This is what I saw:

Morning sunrise walk
drenched in dark, and the unseen
can’t help but see light

Jeffrey Yamaguchi |

January 28, 2016
Brooklyn, NY