Trying to Disengage Myself from the How-To

I can’t seem to help myself!

At the start of 2016 I swore off the how-to.

I personally didn’t want to write any more pieces along those lines, and I didn’t want to consume any either.

That’s meant less Medium reading, which is so full of advice giving that it’s like the Chicken Soup for the Soul social network.

I unsubscribed from most all of the newsletters I was getting, which was an avalanche of advice on how to build my best creative, healthy, successful life, professional and personal, coupled with endless pitches for webinars and courses and downloadables.

I stopped listening to the Tim Ferriss-type podcasts.

And I shifted my to-read list to works of fiction, as opposed to self-improvement how-tos or biographies of the amazing and accomplished.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with those types of posts/podcasts/newsletters/books, but I personally reached a saturation point.

Right now, I’m just not interested in hearing from the person selling the idea/plan/method/strategies on how to become the guy I want to be, making the stuff I want to make in a faster, more productive (and profitable, too, of course) way. I want to be inspired by and engaging actual creative works, pure and simple

But here I am, writing that kind of piece. This is essentially a variation of the how-to piece, made worse by the fact that it’s coming at an idea based on a negative reaction, tinged with complaint. And I’m posting it on Medium. I am not living my best life here, not achieving the creative dream.

Consider this a tranistionary “interruption.” Now, it’s back to what I hope will be the non-how-to regularly scheduled programming.

— Jeffrey Yamaguchi