Jeff Yapp has spent the last 30 plus years committing his career to the growth and support of many Fortune 500s through his Marketing expertise. With such extensive experience and a travel schedule which could rival that of some professional athletes, one would think he has no time for a personal life of his own. Yet, Jeff Yapp has managed to do the unthinkable and found balance in his career, all the while raising not one or two, but seven children (with this help of his wife, of course).

How was it balancing your career, while raising seven children?


While it was touch-and-go for a while after e-commerce arrived on the scene, rumors of brick-and-mortar’s demise from the retail landscape have not just been greatly exaggerated — in many marketplaces, it is certifiably fake news.

Retail is definitely changing, but it’s not going to disappear anytime soon, commented Jeff Yapp, the CEO of Portland, Oregon-based consulting agency Wutznxt and a successful marketing professional. He states that a key driving force that is powering this long overdue evolution is AI. Retailers that embrace this new normal and position themselves as early adopters will benefit the most. …

When it comes to AI’s emerging role in shaping and defining the retail space and experience, most of the discussion focuses — and for many valid reasons — on back-end strategic applications like supply chain planning, or customer touchpoint applications like personalized product recommendations. However, there is another stakeholder in the mix that is also poised to benefit from the rise of AI: employees.

According to Jeff Yapp, the CEO of Portland, Oregon-based consulting agency Wutznxt, here are three key ways that AI is empowering retail employees:

1. Driving Employee Engagement and Job Satisfaction

While employee disengagement is a problem…

At the Leading Transformation with AI event last May, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella declared that “AI is going to shape all of what we do.” And one of the key areas where this transformation will take place — in fact, it has already taken root — is the retail sector, which has spent the last several years fending off body blows and head shots from e-commerce and the Great Recession.

However, at least for retailers that are embracing AI rather than recoiling from it, a new dawn is on the horizon; one that will illuminate a new normal where AI-driven…

Dr. Bomi Joseph has been shaking up the CBD industry with his new ImmunAG product. ImmunAG is the first CBD product that has ever been derived from a plant that is not cannabis. Dr. Joseph is a Director at the Peak Health Center, a leading nutrition and fitness company that aims to improve human health and wellness, and an advisor at ImmunAG LLP. His work with ImmunAG and other plant-based medicines has put him at the forefront of the natural medicine industry. As the first non-cannabis derived CBD product ever marketed, ImmunAG could drastically change the CBD industry.

Jeff Yapp is drawing attention to Dr. Bomi Joseph’s innovative research.

What is ImmunAG?

ImmunAG is…

Jeff Yapp talks about Dr. Bomi Joseph’s revolutionary finds.

Dr. Bomi Joseph is the CEO of Peak Health Center and an advisor to at Phyto Farmacy and ImmunAG. For decades, he has been researching and producing plant-based medicines that are used as alternatives to prescription medication. He believes these natural medicines are far safer than prescription drugs, which, the FDA reports, harm over two million Americans every year and result in over 100,000 deaths.

Phyto Farmacy’s Natural Medicine Alternatives

Dr. Joseph is mainly known for his work researching and developing phytoceutical products. He is a researcher specializing in the effects that plant compounds have on human health. …

For over a century, the Girl Scouts has provided girls with the skills that they need to navigate the world, launch their careers, and see what they’re really capable of. Many of the most successful women today are Girl Scouts alums, and they have come back to teach and inspire the younger generation to follow their dreams. With new programs emphasizing STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and business, only time will tell how many soon-to-be Girl Scouts alum will change the future!

Millions of Girl Scout Alums are Improving Society

Our research suggests that over 50 million women today were Girl Scouts at some point in their…

Jeff Yapp explains how to minimize distractions from tech tasks and maximize results.

Though technology might be a source of distraction for some of your employees, integrating the right programs into your workplace can greatly increase employee engagement and the productivity of your company. Businesses of all sizes have been using technology for all manner of reasons, from keeping tabs on tasks to storing and analyzing customer and employee data. Jeff Yapp, a marketing professional and founder of Wutznxt, suggests to consider implementing some of these programs to increase employee performance:

Company-Wide Tools for Time Tracking

No one wants to find out last second that a major project won’t be completed by its deadline. Maybe there was a…

The success of online stores like Amazon has a lot to do with the collection and analysis of customer data. If you have a history of looking at dresses, then the digital store will begin privileging that form of clothing. If your dress searches commonly involve light and airy products, like sundresses, then the store will alter how it displays products to you and begin sending you customized recommendations about similar products. This type of seamless service tailored to the customer’s taste simply hasn’t been possible in brick-and-mortar shops. …

The National Retail Federation’s (NRF) “Big Show” is the single largest retail event in the world. Every year, the NRF holds the Big Show which becomes a gathering place for thousands of the most innovative minds in retail. Jeff Yapp, founder of marketing company Wutznxt, says it’s often a hotspot of cutting-edge technology, promising startups, and great educational seminars and lectures from the industry’s most successful men and women.

Over the course of three days, the 2019 conference and expo brought in over 38,000 attendees, 10,000 of whom traveled internationally to get there, and featured countless innovators in retail who…

Jeff Yapp

Founder and CEO of WutzNxt; passionate about marketing, technology, and film production.

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