3 Reasons to Hire a Marketing Agency

Marketing expert and CEO Jeff Yapp explains the value of marketing agencies.

Whether you’re a fresh start-up or a well-established business with multiple office locations, marketing is the one thing your business cannot reach its full potential without.

But where do you start?

Instead of hiring a full marketing team that you have to train and pay competitive wages, you can hire a marketing agency. These agencies come fully equipped with the experience of creating successful marketing campaigns for numerous brands, connections to online platforms, and the tools to launch your business into widespread success.

Save Time and Money
Many businesses want an in house marketing team to tend to their every needs. However, the reality is that this is an extremely expensive route without any guarantees. Not only will you need to hire a number of individuals who are skilled at content creation, PR, web development, and more, but you will also need to pay them competitive rates and maybe
even health benefits. Additionally, these employees are susceptible to workplace politics, which can distract them further from the marketing goal.

As the Founder and CEO of Wutznxt, a consulting agency specializing in retail marketing, Jeff Yapp has helped hundreds of businesses expand their client base with engaging marketing efforts. “Many of our clients are amazed at how much time and money they save after outsourcing their marketing needs to us.” explains Jeff Yapp. “We bring a team of experts to you, including consultants, content creators, and event planners, so you can focus on
running other aspects of your business.”

Get a Fresh Pair of Eyes
An outside team brings a fresh perspective to your brand identity, products and/or services. They can critique your image without the guilt that a traditional employee may feel, and analyze your target consumers with a competitive edge based off of their work with other businesses.
As the head of the Wutznxt team, Jeff brings his 30+ years of experience working with the biggest names in pop culture, including Taylor Swift, Rock Band, and Vice Magazine. But it doesn’t stop there: Jeff has also worked with start-up companies, helping them develop brand identities and business plans. But Jeff’s experience isn’t the only thing driving Wutznxt; Molly Madlock, the Director of Public Relations, is also the woman behind the LA
lifestyle magazine, My Magazine. The Director of Business Development and Marketing, Jason Clark, has supported tech giants (including Microsoft) with innovative programs, while Ross Kurz, the Senior Marketing Manager, has international experience growing company revenues, including his own from $1 million to $10 million!

Just imagine what this collective experience can do for your business!

Personal Plans: Scale Up or Down
As your business grows and changes, your marketing needs will shift. With a marketing agency, you can easily change your plans (depending on your contract) to meet upcoming launches, events, or to attack bad publicity. Alternatively, if you’ve established a steady marketing campaign, you can scale back on content creation efforts.

Often when you have an in house marketing team, there comes a time when you are stuck without enough work for a group of employees. Do you start with layoffs or continue spending money on an employee you no longer need? With a marketing agency you decide where the focus should be and how much money you are willing to dedicate to it.

Founder and CEO of WutzNxt; passionate about marketing, technology, and film production.

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