Technology that Empowers Employees to Improve Performance

Jeff Yapp
Jeff Yapp
Feb 22, 2019 · 3 min read
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Jeff Yapp explains how to minimize distractions from tech tasks and maximize results.

Though technology might be a source of distraction for some of your employees, integrating the right programs into your workplace can greatly increase employee engagement and the productivity of your company. Businesses of all sizes have been using technology for all manner of reasons, from keeping tabs on tasks to storing and analyzing customer and employee data. Jeff Yapp, a marketing professional and founder of Wutznxt, suggests to consider implementing some of these programs to increase employee performance:

Company-Wide Tools for Time Tracking

No one wants to find out last second that a major project won’t be completed by its deadline. Maybe there was a miscommunication, an overall lack of effort, or circumstances just weren’t right. Regardless, it would be ideal to never have to wonder (or worry about) what progress your employees have made on certain tasks. Many businesses have integrated time tracking tools to solve this problem, according to Jeff Yapp. These programs let you keep track of how much more work is needed to complete certain projects, and it will help your employees keep track of how much they need to complete each day to meet your goal.

If a project is being neglected or a deadline just can’t be met, you’ll be able to notice it ahead of time and intervene before it’s too late. Better yet, the large amounts of data that these programs collect can provide valuable insights into which sections, teams, groups, and individuals are pulling the most weight and which ones might need an extra prodding on.

Programs to Boost Employee Engagement

Most employees aren’t too passionate about the more tedious work that their jobs require. Rote data input and plenty of other monotonous activities are often the culprits of employee burnout, detachment, and overall frustration. Identifying what some of the more mind numbing tasks in your company are will give you plenty of opportunities to try and spice them up with programs designed to enhance employee engagement.

Maybe you can set up a way for your employees to team up on these activities or integrate workflow programs that give them direct feedback on what they’re doing. For bigger projects that involve a lot of menial work, perhaps you can find a program that displays a constantly updated checklist or progress bar that will let your employees feel like they are getting somewhere. This could allow them to see what they have completed compared to others, which will hopefully prevent them from feeling that their hard work has gone unnoticed. This should keep your workers a bit more engaged, which really goes a long way.

Implement Tools to Encourage Focus

Even if your employees are pretty hard workers, the allure of entertainment websites like Reddit, YouTube, or various social media sites will probably still distract them. Many businesses owners see this as an inevitable side effect of having technology in the workplace, but there are a couple of solutions available, says Jeff Yapp. Website blockers are common tools used to keep employees from veering off onto websites that aren’t work related. These programs let you “blacklist” websites, prohibiting all computers on the network from accesses them, but some companies go so far as to use their own closed local networks, which give business owners much more control over how others use their internet services. Regardless, both options will let your funnel your employees’ attentions to the tasks at hand.

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