Talk less, Do more

Along with many in the tech community, I’ve been preoccupied, surprised and disgusted with all the news about sexual harassment and other discriminatory behavior. It’s clear to me that we all need to do more to change this paradigm — what’s less clear is how to institute meaningful change.

One ray of hope was revealed at the SAP.iO Foundry kick-off, an acceleration program for early-stage, enterprise focused startups working on frontier tech, machine learning and blockchain. But what’s unique about this program is that they only selected startups with female founders. It was a bold move and could not have been better timed with respect to the recent news and revelations about the issues facing women in tech. SAP.iO Foundry in San Francisco is run by the talented Balaji Gopinath, who has a big job — distinguishing the program from all the other corporate innovation efforts around town. The event included a candid panel with Dana Loberg from MojiLala and Lonnie Rae Kurlander of Medal who told it like it is to a super diverse audience of mentors and female founders.

Balaji Gopinath (SAP.iO), Dana Loberg (MojiLala), Lonnie Rae Kurlander (Medal)

A few interesting IoT startups in the SAP.iO batch:

  • Instapio building intelligent spaces that are aware, responsive and adaptive to the presence of people and devices. This technology seamlessly merges connected devices and digital platforms without the need for user interaction, making technology disappear in the background for a smart and connected world.
  • Simularity is AI for the IoT, allowing predictive maintenance, event prediction, and anomaly detection to be performed at the edge, on the tiniest devices.
  • Carta health a Saas platform that describes the patient journey through the hospital in specific detail by leveraging the data from existing IT systems. This software predicts patient flow and helps hospitals improve their surgery scheduling, thereby eliminating holdups and improving their use of resources, from surgical equipment to recovery beds.