The unique is worth the time and effort.

Most of us have been guilty of using stock images, but I’m taking a stand this year with the content I’m producing. No stock images or graphics.

I get it. Deadlines exist and not everyone believes they have the money, skill, or time to produce unique imagery for all of their content needs. However, with smartphones and low cost or free tools, our excuses seem weaker than ever.

Stay away from stock — Google Material Design

Most people have stopped using “terrible” stock images. But many individuals and companies continue to use larger stock services. Don’t get me wrong, I’m…

Are you being intentional or just repeating routines? Many of us fall victim to the comfort and familiarity of routine. We take the same route to work, eat at the same places and watch a predictable playlist of shows.

But we are are repeating that loop to our own detriment. By staying in the realm of comfort, we are avoiding exposure to the new and different. Yes, new and different isn’t always better and may not result in a pleasant outcome every time.

However, new ideas (and the amount of them you generate) are directly tied to what you’ve experienced…

Convince me this is necessary

My usage on Product Hunt has varied since they launched. At first, their platform seemed intriguing. However, it became apparent that you really have to be connected to one of the early “hunters” or beg for them to post about your product or service.

It doesn’t seem that their platform is really focused on unearthing the new unless it is blessed by one of the few.

I hoped their community would allow average people to curate interesting finds and useful tools for a wider audience. I believed this would help the new and under-the-radar emerge. But what I’ve seen is…

Over the years I’ve seen numerous articles praising speed reading with posts like, “Learn to Speed Read”, “5 Helpful Speed Reading Tips”, and “Why You Should Be Speed Reading”.

I don’t believe speed reading is valuable. Can you learn to scan lines quickly? Definitely. Can you gain an understanding of high level points and concepts with that approach? Of course. But speed reading does not lend itself to comprehension.

I’ll be honest with you, I’ve never been a fast reader. This made taking timed tests a bit of a struggle for me. I was constantly told that I needed to…

Being smart can backfire.

There is a difference between a smart person and a know-it-all. The main difference is how you feel when they are in the room (and conversation) and when they leave. A smart person generally shares what they know in a way that builds trust while giving relatable context to the information. A know-it-all usually makes you feel dumb, insignificant, or upset.

But can you ever be too smart for your own good? Yes. There is a tipping point in us all. How or why it is triggered will vary based on our individual motivations and beliefs. …

Seth, the Seal of Approval, helping a coworker. Illustrated by @LouisDurrant

I’m sure we can all relate in the era of social media. We all want approval on some level don’t we? Believe me, being yourself is one of life’s great challenges.

Children are constantly seeking approval from parents, siblings and extended family. Once they begin school new paths for approval are found or forged with their peers and school teachers. It is important to instill great life lessons from an early age. The best lessons come from positive role models and examples. However,we don’t all get those throughout our lives (at least not consistently).

So what does this really mean…

You’ll have to catch me before you can lose me!

It is National Lost Sock Memorial Day! Why would I be so excited about that? It isn’t because I’m eccentric (but I’m sure that makes it easier to believe). It’s because my first children’s book, “Where’s Its Pair?”, is all about the mystery why matching socks seem to elude us.

I welcome you to checkout my explanation that is playfully “Narnia-esque”. Perhaps, I haven’t solved the mystery but I have at least put a silly theory out there for all to consider.

I am confident that if you read my book, you’ll never think about socks the same way. Oh…

I’m a huge supporter of startup culture and all things entrepreneurship. However, I’m tired of seeing one of the largest groups of potential entrepreneurs ignored or only paid lip-service, 9–5 workers.

Most accelerators and incubators are doing great work. Hear me on that. Sadly, they are positioned for two groups of people. The first is recent college grads (may not have much money, but have time and fewer life responsibilities) and people who already have plenty of money or time (retired, previously stay-at-home parent or previously made a successful business exit).

Perhaps you are waiting for things to change in the new year. I’m not here to say that won’t happen, but how can you be sure opportunity will come knocking? The unfortunate answer is, you can’t be 100% certain it will.

That may sound jarring, but I think it is exciting. Why? It simply flips the power dynamic. When you are waiting for opportunity to come to you, someone or something else has the power. Take it back!

“Doing something is more likely to get you noticed than doing nothing.”

The new year is a great time for a fresh…

At the intersection of entrepreneurship and hip-hop you find many similarities. Both sets hustle. Both are trying to build empires. Although, I think entrepreneurs would do well to integrate music into their daily routines. Why? Well the right beat can help you focus and find “flow”, but more than that, hip-hop can give you some interesting insights if you have an open-mind.

Get it, get fly, I got six jobs I don’t get tired — Kevin Gates “I don’t get tired”

As entrepreneurs we typically aren’t just doing a single job role. You are probably wearing several hats (even if…

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