It’s Samsung’s fault for Apple’s shitty products
Andrei Draganescu

I disagree with you on several points. Apple has been a declining innovator since the loss of Steve Jobs. Tim Cook is not a visionary. Apple has made their own missteps over the years as well. Also for the record, I own several apple products several iPods, iPhones and a current iMac (but I’m not their biggest fan because they do tend to lag behind the latest technology and features compared to other manufacturers).

I do not see VR going anywhere in a hurry (but I do know many are trying to make it happen). Yes, the tech is much better than it has been in past decades, but the tech isn’t the entire problem. VR has been pushed several times over the last few decades. The late 80’s and mid-90's and it continues to resurface but idle. VR is inherently less useful than AR. No one wants to wear an immersive suit or headset (regardless of how sleek it is). It just isn’t efficient or very practical.

AR has more practical use cases because it doesn’t box the user into a completely artificial construct. I also don’t believe AR and VR can be used together. If VR is overlaid or mixed with regular vision or surrounds it is AR.

However, we need to consider the ebb and flow in AR even primitive (such as HUDs from the 1980’s, Google Glasses and the like). The coolness of the tech will create a surge (I have no doubt about that, 3D TV sets anyone?). But I don’t believe people are going to want to exist in a pseudo-reality with information and/or graphics constantly overlaid onto reality. It will be very taxing on eyes and the mind.