As a user, I’ve seen how some app designers have integrated into their particular app’s workflow…
Wade Mason

I’m not a fan of your over-assumptions. I didn’t say the iPhone. I actually thought it was hilarious that Apple had to by the rights for “iPhone” from Cisco. But I wasn’t against Apple than and I’m not against them now.

Soft-keys definitely have their place. But they should be used for function and utility not for novelty. Let’s face it, laptops haven’t changed that much in the last few years. It was an easy addition for them to add the touch bar. There is no reason Apple couldn’t have just made the screens “touch screens” with that tech built into the actual screen instead of a small pad on top of the keyboard.

I welcome further conversation, as long as it doesn’t become a personal attack. I totally respect your thoughts and opinions on the matter. In some instances we have agreed. In others we haven’t.

Neither of us has to lose for the other to win. I’m sure there are many things I will never understand about Apple’s specific motivations or decisions, but that’s okay (after all, it isn’t my company nor do I work there).