Outlast the Grind

At the intersection of entrepreneurship and hip-hop you find many similarities. Both sets hustle. Both are trying to build empires. Although, I think entrepreneurs would do well to integrate music into their daily routines. Why? Well the right beat can help you focus and find “flow”, but more than that, hip-hop can give you some interesting insights if you have an open-mind.

Get it, get fly, I got six jobs I don’t get tired — Kevin Gates “I don’t get tired”

As entrepreneurs we typically aren’t just doing a single job role. You are probably wearing several hats (even if you have a team). If you don’t have a team you might be wearing all the hats (hopefully only temporarily). The drive behind us is our passion. We do a lot not just because we have to, but because we don’t want to slow down.

They say give up as I tell them “get lost” — Kevin Gates “I don’t get tired”

You’ll always have people in your ear telling you your venture is a lost cause. It may because they don’t understand. Maybe their jealous? Some people do it just try to get reactions and cause drama. Just remember you need to focus on your business and taking care of yourself not worrying what everyone else thinks.

Don’t mimic pretenders, just be who you are
Ain’t never change, been like this from the start 
— Kevin Gates “I don’t get tired”

Let your passion drive you and stay true to the reason you decided to launch your business in the first place. Don’t chase press or try imitating other companies. Let your customers and products drive your moves.

Pretenders often end up as dead-enders. Be you and keep hustling.