The Sin of Self-Interest

Convince me this is necessary

My usage on Product Hunt has varied since they launched. At first, their platform seemed intriguing. However, it became apparent that you really have to be connected to one of the early “hunters” or beg for them to post about your product or service.

It doesn’t seem that their platform is really focused on unearthing the new unless it is blessed by one of the few.

I hoped their community would allow average people to curate interesting finds and useful tools for a wider audience. I believed this would help the new and under-the-radar emerge. But what I’ve seen is glad-handing of big tech firms and known products that really don’t need the press topping most daily votes. Perhaps that sounds harsh, but usually those ventures already are covered by multiple media outlets.

Yesterday I saw the unthinkable. Product Hunt had essentially hunted itself. We’ve now jumped the shark. The platform is already theirs. Why not post a blog about the new features? Or perhaps send out an email blast or social media update? Sadly, they must feel they either need or deserve the fanfare.

I applaud Product Hunt for the robust community they’ve built. I’ve honestly founds some useful tools and services. However, this is the reason I don’t frequent the community on a daily basis anymore.

If I’ve missed the bigger picture, I’d be happy to hear how others have experienced their community. Seriously, I’m all ears.