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Actually, I blame most of the portrayed stupidity in this particular situation on CNN. They chose to interview and solicit the opinion of a truly ignorant, hateful and quite delusional man that has no place voicing his fictional views anywhere even adjacent to “news”, let alone on a large cable news network. And that goes for any low-mentality, highly distasteful politician all the way up to and including an inept President. Yep, just because they’re elected does not mean we are required to listen to every verbal bowel movement they make. You’d think CNN might have learned that after helping usher in the most incapable and dangerous candidate ever, just for ratings.

I really don’t care that a part of the voting public are capable of electing the lowest possible quality of politicians into office (even without Russian assistance). That is largely a “gift” of gerrymandering and the extra bonus of money as speech. And that, we will work to correct. We should not, however, be forced to welcome their stupidity or willful ignorance into our homes via the news when trying to remain “informed”! It’s past time that news outlets started feeling it a necessity to have standards for those it asks for comment, elected or not.

I have stopped watching CNN except in rare instances. And I will continue to do so until they stop willingly engaging with and incouraging the likes of Gohmert, Cruz or people like King. Getting close to doing the same with MSNBC at times. They both aid in the familiarity of these candidates, a great advatage when election time rolls around. For that I hold them accountable as well.

And when it comes to other news sources, I feel much the same way about news articles… but, I can choose which of those I read and which I re-post. That’s a choice I flaunt many times a day! I won’t be sharing this article with it’s click-bait style headline. Now, had it said: “Rep. King threatens Democrats talking about Russia with new nonsense Clinton investigations”. Grow a pair.

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