Musing on the Muse

image via Pixabay

I gaze into the sun
accompanying unintentional sighs 
the warmth, 
the quiet of alone, 
in rising need to tell a story.
but the still continues
bright rays summon a vacant daze
that void perks the muse. 
as bare feet on stretched strings 
she begins the dance of discovery
cords forming between the toes
I sense the music.
while musing on the muse
a barely discernible samba 
begins in the background.
slight titillation
the hips of the inspiration 
begin their swaying
to the gentle melody of 
trickling rhythmic verse. 
punctution setting a pace
slow. steady. 
like measured breath moving in 
then out 
sure now
of the next step.
spinning the dance 
out into the light 
onto the paper
the vixen twirls me once about 
to liven the step 
found the voice?
she questions 
find it now.
she instructs 
for in this melody
lurk the lyrics to a chant
the authors head slowly tilts an ear
toward the forming harmony
of muse and music 
still playing only to one.
almost ready to be shared.

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