From elegant interiors to elegant user experience: Why I’m making the pivot to UX Design.

Around the time I was 15 years old I started comparing my parents old, small, and styleless house to my friends parents larger and nicer houses. I would watch television shows that reinforced my interest — Design on a Dime, Extreme Home Makeover, you get the idea. After a few years I decided to go to school for design and so I attended Radford University where I got my bachelor of science in interior design. (Side Note: Radford’s Interior Design program is one of the best in the nation and I’m very happy to have received my education in design there!). I knew this would be a great step into the “glamorous” world of interior design.

I achieved my goal, my DREAM and moved to NYC and started working in interior design for some of the most prestigious firms in Manhattan. I’ve worked on million dollar houses and apartments buying furniture and accessories for some of the world’s most wealthy people. Creating elegant interiors. But something was missing. After all my years in NYC, I’d grown up and all of a sudden “things” didn’t matter anymore. The “glamour” of interior design didn’t make me happy. Design and creativity is what makes me happy. I was not being fulfilled creatively and it was because I had changed from a self obsessed teenager to the person I am today. Someone who wants to create to help others. To make interactive experiences that are elegant and enjoyable by the people using them. Fundamentally speaking interior and UX design share the basic sample elements and principals. The experience and use of the space or platform needs to be able to be used and designed in the best possible way.

So here I am today. Looking to make the pivot to another design industry. I’ve taken courses in User Experience Design and can’t wait to do more. In the coming months I plan on adding my own projects to my blog. I hope to gain an internship (or job if I’m so lucky) so that I can get my foot in the door and start working with real professionals in the industry. I’m eager to learn and eager to start working, creating apps and sites that people love to use. I look forward to seeing what else I can learn about myself in this new stage in my life.