If a stranger sees you on the street and is able to know where you live, how much money you make, which places you visit most often and every little detail about you… would you be OK with that?

If you are NOT OK with that…

Make it a 2020 resolution to adjust your privacy settings to be more private on

-Google (Gmail, maps)
-Fitness apps

Need a little more convincing? Read the following article:


Our personal data is everywhere. Governments have it, corporations have it, hackers have it. Anyone with an Internet connection can get it easily. Is that a good or a bad thing. Should we be happy or worry about it?

In the last few years, I’ve been trying to answer that question, and in the process, I realized that the answer is different from every individual. For some people, sharing everything with everyone is OK. For others, privacy is important, and they expect to control who has access to their data.

It does not matter where you sit on this spectrum…

Bitcoin was born in 2009. However, it wasn’t until 2017 when mainstream media and investors started taking it seriously. Bitcoin’s ambitious goal to become the Internet’s protocol for value transfer has fueled the creation of an active community of software developers, entrepreneurs, investors, and enthusiasts. It was only a matter of time before some members of the community wondered how to use Bitcoin’s blockchain technology for applications other than money. That’s how Ethereum and other projects set off to explore new promising territories.

Today there are thousands of blockchain-related projects. Using initial coin offerings or ICOs, many of these projects…

It was the night before the finals of a robotics competition. We had big hopes, after months of work and thousands of dollars invested in materials, our robot was able to autonomously complete the obstacle course and collect the objects required to win the contest.

We had arrived at the city hosting the finals by bus. But it was not a pleasant ride. The vehicle used for traveling was old and falling apart. During the trip, a hole opened in the floor of the bus, and a window broke. …

I heard about Bitcoin in 2013. The philosophy behind it seemed radical and exciting. I started buying it in 2015. From that point until this year, I have been on the sidelines. I have witnessed how it grows and how it has started to reshape the economy while I’ve been busy working full time on other projects.

But that changed in 2017 when I finally had the time to start building something new in the crypto industry. But why? Some people still believe that Bitcoin is a scam, a Ponzi scheme. They wonder why if Bitcoin is a “popular” currency…

I haven’t blogged in a while and thought I could use my birthday to share some of my recent adventures and news of the last 18 months.

After my days as a facilitator for entrepreneurs with Startup Essentials and Lean Startup Machine, I decided to experiment myself with different ideas and projects.

I co-founded Mediconfía with Juan Franco. This service helps doctors in Latin America finding new patients. We grew to serve the three biggest cities in Colombia and are looking to expand to more medical specialties and locations.

With Edgar Forero and the team at Toro Labs, we developed…

Se acerca un 2016 de cambios y nuevos proyectos para mi.

Desde 2012 y por 4 años me dediqué a ayudar a emprendedores a través de Apremy, bootcamps de Startup Essentials y workshops de Lean Startup Machine. Con un equipo de trabajo de lujo, entrenamos a mas de tres mil emprendedores, de 9 países y más de 50 ciudades. Ayudamos a emprendedores a encontrar nuevos modelos de negocio y a lograr ventas de cerca de un millón de dólares, en talleres de sólo tres días de trabajo!

Ha sido una satisfacción inmensa trabajar con personas que, como yo, quieren cambiar…

Esta historia fue originalmente publicada en el blog de Apremy

Siempre digo que Latinoamérica es la tierra de las oportunidades por una sencilla razón: tenemos muchos problemas.

En México, Colombia, Chile o Argentina o Brasil, sal a la calle y verás cientos de problemas. Y donde hay problemas, hay oportunidades para emprendedores y creadores.

Por eso me he dedicado, en los últimos 3 años a ayudar a emprendedores alrededor del mundo. En 2014 con el equipo de Startup Essentials entrenamos a mas de 2000 personas. Pero queríamos llegar a más y tener más impacto, así que creamos Apremy, la primera…

<< Esta historia fue originalmente publicada en el Blog de Apremy >>

Recientemente hemos creado nuestra nueva marca Apremy. Acá les comparto el razonamiento y el proceso que seguimos en la creación de la marca. Hablaré de como decidimos el nombre y el logo para Apremy.

Con Startup Essentials hemos entrenado en los últimos años a cerca de tres mil emprendedores. Nacimos porque vimos un problema. Quienes enseñan negocios y emprendimiento en Latino América son más académicos que practicantes. Lo que se enseña en las universidades mayormente no es práctico ni efectivo.

Quienes enseñan negocios y emprendimiento en Latino América…

Este artículo va dirigido al emprendedor o profesional que cuenta con pocos recursos para empezar. Para quien quiere desarrollar un nuevo producto o servicio y tienen recursos limitados. Si, por otro lado, quieres hacer una red social gratuita mira The Social Network. Este artículo no te servirá.

Frecuentemente recibo solicitudes como la siguiente:

“Jefrey, tengo una super idea de negocio. Me gustaría contarte de que se trata y ver que opinas…”

Muchos piden firmar un acuerdo de confidencialidad, lo cual demuestra su ingenuidad, ya que…

Las ideas no valen nada

Para ser más preciso, en negocios las ideas no valen…

Jefrey Bulla

Engineer & Entrepreneur

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