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A time comes, when everyone wishes to settle down in their life and have a beloved that is for eternity. There comes your spouse, allegedly your ideal partner who will stay for life. However, is it right to just marry that person without having that spark that you had when you dated someone? When a couple spends time together, they tend to enjoy the relationship more. Spending alone time as a couple is the ultimate level of happiness. The positivity is engraved in that sort of relationship. Those who do not spend time together have less sense of comfort and lack of communication. In fact, the sexual life also starts with an awkward situation. Therefore, even if it is an arranged marriage, you should date your spouse for sure. It enhances the positive communication and a foundation to comfortable sexual life ahead. To increase the quality of the forthcoming marriage or your present marriage dating is essential. A healthy marriage is based on comfort and trust.

Dating your spouse is like dramatically develop and increase the love in an arranged or love marriage. It should be done to intensify the connection even before marriage and to create excitement for marriage and for being together. You can cover the important areas of a relationship bond simply by dating your spouse. But it will definitely need planning, time and efforts. Asking your spouse out for a date night is the best idea to start with.

#1. Communication, Most Importantly

The importance of a comfortable and positive communication is not new to anyone. This is an obvious fact that if you will start dating your spouse, you will talk a lot and know each other better. The benefits of good communication are endless. We all in at least one point of time in our life has faced the consequences of a poor communication with someone. It leads to awkward situations and unnecessary arguments. Poor communication will mismanage the marriage and the relationship. It can turn the relationship into a disappointing one. Poor communication brings negative thoughts about marriage and the whole relationship. Dating throughout the marriage will never let that happen.

#2. Breaks The Monotony Of Marriage

Marriage is very cheerful and happy for the initial few years and then eventually like everything it becomes monotonous as well. Marriage is something that you hold on for life, at least most of all. Therefore, it is essential to keep it exciting and fresh for life. The mundane ruts make the life boring and end up making the marriage and relationship boring. The date nights adds to the spark and freshness of the relationship. Who does not craves for those butterflies in the tummy back? Date nights contribute to bringing back the romantic life again. If you come back from work, there should be something to look forward to. If you can plan a creative date, that will break the monotony in your marriage.

#3. Fuel The Fire Of Romance

Romance is there in the marriage but of course in the most initial years. There is love undoubtedly but romance goes away with time. There is a lot of difference in the time off before you get married and after you are married. Romance somewhere fades away. The romance comes back if you make it come back. Take a break from the routine life and fuel the fire of romance in your marriage. Romance vanishes away long before you realize it is actually gone. Before romance takes a backseat, you should gear up your marriage and get to the business.

#4. Grow Comfort and Closeness

Some of the marriages, specially arranged marriages tend to have less comfort and awkward closeness. The obvious reason to date even your spouse is to achieve that comfort and closeness in the marriage. When you date your husband or wife, the marriage becomes so intense and beautiful. Not just the physical attachment or closeness takes a hype but also the emotional level of the marriage increases with time. Doing common activities together and going out for dinner dates increases the romantic moments.

#5. Foundation Of Marital Bond

Some marriages as we discussed, mainly arranged marriages do not start with a romantic foundation. In fact, some of the love marriages also lose the spark with time. Therefore, in order to restore the foundation back to its place, it is very necessary to work on that foundation. In order to cherish your marriage in the later time of age, you need to have piles of beautiful and romantic moments with you to miss and remember the foundation of your marriage. The time that only you two are getting to spend and cherish is priceless. Put aside your cooking stoves and electronic gadgets to just have each other’s company alone. To connect on a very deeper level, it is significant to have your cheat days where you can become the careless and adventurous again.

#6. Excitement In The Relationship

After marriage, you hardly get something to look forward to. The only things you are filed with is family functions and professional lunches. Steel the occasions to dress up beautifully and get ready to date again. It is amazing when you dress up for your beloved. It can hardly happen after marriage unless you date your spouse as you probably did before marriage. Dating is a different feeling that can never be matched to the monotony of the routine life. Having a day once in awhile when you know you will get quality time, will make you addicted to each other. That is what people usually miss after marriage.

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