Inspiring Story: This Man fought Wildfire to Save more than 1000 Exotic Animals in Danger

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that not many of us dare to risk our own lives for others, and to think that someone would face death to save the lives of animals is beyond comprehension. But that is what we saw when a natural disaster approached the Safari West Park in Santa Rosa.

Among the deadliest fires California has ever seen, Tubbs was on its way to destroy the 400-acre Safari West Park and claim the lives of more than 1000 of its animals. That’s when its owner, Peter Lang was faced with a tough choice; whether to save his own house and belongings or protect the lives of the animals trapped in the wildlife facility.

Choosing the latter, the 77-year old was quick to get into action. After ushering his wife, Nancy, staff members and 30 park guests off the hill, Lang got back in the frontline to save the animals housed in his facility. He promptly grabbed his equipment and began dousing the flames that were threatening his marvelous collection of African rhinoceros, cheetahs, and giraffes. The brave man fought the inferno with nothing but a regular garden hose.

As the fire got closer, he ran between it and the enclosures, putting out the flames! He continuously moved animals from one place to another, securing them from any approaching danger.

Lang worked tirelessly through the night to make sure that the fire did not harm any of his animals. Miraculously, he did not lose even a single animal to the flames, and at break of dawn, all his animals were unharmed amidst dense smoke that enveloped the entire region.

Though no creature was hurt as the night passed, Peter did lose quite a bit much to the deadly wildfire. His family compound which sprawled over 200 acres about half-a-mile away from the wildlife facility was left in ruins after the disaster had passed. In a recent interview, he stated that saving the lives of animals was not a choice for him, the 1000 souls were his responsibility, and this was just something that he had to do.

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