Discussion 4

I have decided to discuss option 2. I also hate when people use the word, “gay” or “retarded” these are terms that can be hurtful and mean. I have a cousin that is gay and I see how hurtful this can be for him, when people call him names and make fun of him for the way that he is. They are not proper words to describe people as. Many people use these words in a joking way towards their friends. Often times people tend to hear this word and think nothing of it. This word is used so often by so many people, they do not see it as a hurtful term anymore. People also hear this word and hate it, but they let it pass and do not say anything. I feel that in Kathy’s situation, she should say something and objectify. If someone thinks of her as weird for objectifying, then they must not see how hurtful this term can be.

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