Health Insurance: How Does It Work?
Yonatan Zunger

Let’s start with the basic question. Who is making a profit, and why? Should health care be a for-profit, private industry? Health insurance is not health care. The ACA, based upon Massachusetts and Mitt Romney’s “MassHealth”, provided a private sector to encourage Republicans to join. We all know how that was torpedoed. The ACA “limited” private overhead to 20% (Medicare averaged 3.5%), and several companies had to pay penalties.

Should health be determined by wealth? Does the Constitution “promote the General Welfare”, but not support a healthy population? Why do we not guarantee that our MOST precious resource — our future generations — get the best health CARE available? Health care is one of the defining parameters of 1st World Nations. We rank around #42 — with Cuba. It is beyond decent thought that health CARE is controlled by the profit of private industry. If we accept single payer, not for profit health care, the costs would drop. We could bargain with Pharma for Rx costs — something the ACA is not allowed to do.

This is not extreme. The VA is already working under these conditions. What is needed is for politicians to realize we are killing people to save stockholders’ profits.

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