Why I can not complain about AIB roast ?

I am not so fond of comedy genre, especially the contemporary one. Usually, while watching a comic flick, I end up staring people and feel more bemused than happy. Quite often, I end up doubting my own sense of humor. So when one of my friend (with quite a good taste) insisted on watching the new AIB Roast show, I wasn't exactly thrilled to be honest.

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The show immediately caught my attention — KJO on the stage, along with other biggies (read Anurag Kashyap, Homi Adajania) from the film fraternity and sizable crowd as the audience. It took me a while to get into the other, not so famous, AIB folks on the centre of the stage. Once the show started, my gape soon turned into giggles and finally letting into hysterical laugh riot. As soon as it ended, I wasted no time in recommending the show to all my friends suggesting that how it is the one of the best comedy show ever originated from India.

AIB roast accompanied us to our lunch table, where it was much vehemently discussed. We expressed our concern about the controversy the show might create owing to its explicit content. But the skepticism soon died, as we realized it was an adult show which people willingly watched. Much to our dismay came the magnitude on which this show was later discussed and criticized and eventually has to be taken off (I was little relieved with the mature explanation about taking it off ).

Over last few weeks, a lot has been said and written in favour and against the AIB roast. I personally loved the show, but I am ok with people having either views. Like and dislike is a matter of opinion and there is no reason why one should be regarded as better over another. While writing about my much loved show, I decided to keep my prejudice aside and rather try to explore whether we should be complaining about the show or not.

After comprehending my thoughts and keeping in mind that unconditional love is not a free pass for treating other miserably, I cannot complain about the show. Reasons being:

  1. I have enjoyed American Pie series, Wolf of Wall Street, The Goodfellas, Superbad, etc. with much more violent and explicit content
  2. Have watched enough porn :D
  3. I am a big fan of Korean movies (by definition a Korean movie is filled with intense violence and explicit content)
  4. Have watched B and C grade hindi movies for fun (might related to #2 but it has been there forever)
  5. Heard and said enough expletives
  6. I found Charlie Sheen roast quite bone tickling
  7. Admire Anurag Kashyap, Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino. Most of their work, at times, is quite violent and explicit

When I never complained about those shows (which were equally explicit and offensive), I don't see how can I be pointing my guns towards AIB roast. There are much more important issues where we can channelize our energy — To protest corruption, woman safety, exploitation, lack of education to name a few. I am ok with people who have always disliked explicit content and have been vocal about the other shows as well, with AIB not being an exception. A lot of the backfire on the show could also be attributed to the high profile people associated with the show, giving critics equal opportunity to earn some brownies and easy publicity, which was missing on the prior occasions.

Likes and dislikes are two faces of the same coin and one can not exist without other. We have been blessed to live in a democratic society and acceptance of difference of opinion is very necessary for peaceful existence of an ever evolving sane society.

Mean while I was in the middle of my blog I read this wonderful article from Twinkle Khanna.


PS : Thanks Gaurav

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