Do I have a purpose?

Now if you are wondering who the dude is in the left hand side he is Avicenna: he is what Aristotle would be if he was a muslim and a little bit more smarter.

And he was confronted with this question whether we humans or even individuals serve any purpose. After hitting his head on a lot of walls he did come up with an answer to the dilemma: now you are reading this article with your eyes through a computer, tablet or mobile or maybe you are psychic. Now you are using your eyes and these eyes are facilitating your reading, right? Without them you wouldn’t be able to read this?

Well if you have been answering yes then you might be guessing that your eyes are performing a function which is facilitating sight, and if you look every other bodily function has a purpose for instance the heart’s function is to pump blood, the fingers to do stuff with (use your imagination here). Every body part is performing a function meaning nothing in your body is useless certainly then the Great Avicenna concluded that if my individual parts have a function the thing which they are serving naming the human should also serve a function, shouldn’t we?

I mean if all of the parts have a function so the individual who is being served by these parts with function must also be performing some primary function. Now what that function is open to debate. Now some of you supporters of the Darwinian theory would be saying listen haven’t you heard of evolution man? Yes, I have and that is exactly my point evolution helped us have the necessary tools for survival and all those tools are necessary so could it make sense that necessary components are serving an unnecessary unit (i.e. human). But lets say for arguments sake they are that the body even though each individual parts are necessary the unit as a whole (the human) is quiet unnecessary.

Avicenna has an answer for this too and this was his principle of the necessary existence. Which basically revolves around this idea that imagine an imaginary human being who looks like a human, talks like a human and walks like a human and can do anything a normal human being can. If you can imagine such a being I bet you can agree that such a being could have existed. If your answer is yes then the question you should ask yourself is then why doesn’t such a person exist? I mean evolution could have given him/her the same tools you have for survival and judging by your imagination they did have the tools for survival. And we know evolution doesn’t give a f*&k about you, I mean this imaginary person could have been in your place and it wouldn’t make an iota of difference to evolution so why do you exist and not him/her?

Avicenna says that’s because you are a necessary existence meaning you serve a purpose for something and hence you exist or else a you could have been an imaginary existence meaning you could have only existed in the mind. Now the question arises are you real or imaginary ?