On me, 14 March 2014


Front left: iPhone 4 in gel case, brown pocket notebook, Farewell Books business card (“Korg EMI” and “Electribe” handwritten on back).

Front right: brown Joseph Abboud wallet [Chase debit card, Chase Slate credit card, Texas driver’s license, Bank of America debit card, YMCA card for free visit, $13 cash ($10 bill, three $1 bills), voided check (Matamoros et al. v. Starbucks Corporation), undeposited check (Farewell Books), gift cards (GAP, Whole Foods, Starbucks), membership cards (University of Texas at Austin (expired), Randall’s, Austin Public Library, CVS), customer reward cards (kebabalicious: 1 of 7 punched, Thunderbird Coffee: 7 of 10 punched, Caffe Medici, 1 of 10 stamped), three personal Biarri business cards], black Bic cristal pen, Omron HJ-321 pedometer.

Back right: [empty]

Back left: blue Madewell handkerchief (for runny nose).


Main compartment: laptop case, manila folder containing sketches for a comic, brown notebook, books/prints [Ballard’s Crash, Knuth’s Surreal Numbers, Baudrillard’s The Ecstasy of Communication, McLuhan’s Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, 28 July 1989 issue of AFL Football Record, black-and-white print of paper titled “Inferring decoding strategies from choice probabilities in the presence of correlated variability” (Nature Neuroscience, 2013), various copies of zines/books/interviews I’ve made], red clipboard, postcard for J. Negron’s exhibit at Farewell Books, Canon digital camera in case, black “SHARE” sticker, orange Houston Astros rag.

Top compartment: iPhone USB cable, Samsung headphones, travel toothpastes (Sensodyne, Marvis strong mint), packet of Extra gum, one Dimetapp Cough Cold+Flu capsule, eight tablets of Demazin PE daytime cold medicine.

Front compartment: MacBook Pro laptop charger, rear bike light, front bike light USB charger, blue comb, toothbrush, black Hilton pen.

Left side compartment: $1.28 in change (two quarters, seven dimes, one nickel, three pennies), Mead stand-up pencil case [6" ruler, three 6H pencils (two Berol Turquoise, one Paramount-Diamond-Drawing), Eberhard Faber 4H pencil, Eberhard Faber soft pencil eraser, Faber pencil sharpener, Faber-Castell lead refills (F, 2H, 6H), three Faber-Castell artist pens (black 199, cold grey VI, cold grey III), Pebeo SetaSkrib fabric marker, three Micron pens (0.20 mm, 0.30 mm, 0.45 mm), two black Bic cristal pens, black Pentel Slicci 0.25 mm pen, Bic mechanical pencil, Koh-i-noor 5611 drafting leadholder].

Right side compartment: metal spoon and fork, yellow sunglasses, $1.61 in change (six quarters, one dime, one penny).

See previous issue: 29 July 2013.

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