On me, 29 July 2013


Front left: iPhone, pocket notebook, a receipt for a 6-pack of beer and a keychain bottle opener (from approximately two weeks ago).

Front right: wallet, black Bic cristal pen.

Back right: two quarters (change from buying two 12oz Americanos, two hours ago).

Back left: handkerchief (for runny nose).


Large compartment: laptop case, empty spiral notebook, chocolate chip oatmeal cookies wrapped in aluminum foil, Doyle’s The Sherlock Holmes Mysteries (Signet Classics), Pressfield’s The War of Art, Gergen’s The Saturated Self, Stigler’s The History of Statistics.

Top compartment: iPhone USB cable, Samsung headphones, retainer (for when sleeping).

Front compartment: packet of Extra gum, laptop charger, sunglasses in witch sock, rear and front bike lights.


Right: analog Swatch watch.

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