Reflections Class #2

So I left the first class and my brain started to just think and think and think some more. When Mustefa challenged my goal I began to think about what I wanted my overall goal to be (In life). Then I thought about if I want to use the goal I pin pointed in the first class to work through these next few weeks. At the same time, I realized that required me to be very open and honest and share my goals with people who I may not be comfortable sharing with. I thought this through a lot, so I decided, I will stick with the goal I mentioned in the first class. However, I will take the learnings from the next few week to apply them to some other more pressing goals I have and work through them myself.

What did help me from the last class was asking the hard question WHY. Why does my goal matter, why and how will it address my other goals. It started to become a little more clear that all these goals I was envisioning where interlinked and all serve a greater purpose. That was actually refreshing to realize because I’ve always found myself to think my goals never related and that I may have been a little scattered in the things I was pursuing.

It’s not easy being honest with yourself. In this second class we discussed narratives. What was cool about drawing out narratives for your goal or for solving your problem is that you can think outside the box you created for yourself. I realized how much I limited myself with the narrative I created prior to this class to achieve my goal. Thinking about problems through a Macro Narrative helped me realize that there are so many different avenues and ways to approach my goal or even re-evaluate my goal as well work through problems.

If you want to know what a Macro Narrative looks like. Refer to the bottom

Until next time ❤