My first day of work

I’m Jérémy TANASI, I’m 19 years old and I’m from Martinique, an island in the Caribbean. I came in London for an internship I have to do for my studies. I’m studying for a two years degree in Computer Science and I thought that 2 month in an English country can be beneficial for me so now I’m here.

Since Monday, May 22nd I started working at Cowork Hub as an intern for two month. It was the second time that I came here, the first time was for the meeting. As the first time I received a nice welcoming. This enterprise have a nice staff and a great place with good facilities. So let me tell you about my first day of work.

I took between 50 min and 1 hour to reach the enterprise from my homestay this morning, I took the train and I arrived a little before 9:00 am. So to begin the director make me visit the place. It was beautiful, what was most caught my attention was the room game with the pool table and the ping pong, the gym and a chair at the reception (that chair call me to sleep on it).

I asked to me one question while a time: “How can we work here with this things???” I was very surprise later to saw the people really serious and concentrate in their work (though I heard about a pool tournament but it’s a secret!!!). Have a time to work and another to relax. After I was placed with the receptionist who learnt me about the enterprise

And later I had a conference from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm about self-presentation. It was in one of their meeting room, the big one seems to me.

The afternoon at 2:30 pm, the director gave me a laptop to start my work and I stay on it until 5:00 pm. I had some research to do about the local competition and blog or website able to advertise.

To my disposition, I had one of these large offices only mine and just enough people to share this big place. The advantage is that we are rather quiet, of course we have a background’s sound, that it say some people speak between each other or with client via phone, but it’s not really harmful. At contrary, it improve the work’s ambiance.

To end the day, I came back to my homestay at 6:00 pm. But before, I could see something very very interesting for some people. I let you see by yourself.

I’m French so I dreaded a little about this first day of internship, taking into account the language barrier, but that happened nice except the fact I brought my laptop but not the adapter for the electrical outlet. So I recommend this place for people who want to work in a lovely and friendly place (and want to capture Pokémon). So check the price and contact them :) :) :) :).

PS: I forgot the most important thing in the work’s world. The morning’s coffee!!!