How Important is Team Chemistry for Music Business Success

Jelan cumberbatch
Nov 18, 2017 · 2 min read

Having team chemistry is critical to the success of any company, group or organization.

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No “I” in team.

A great team is one that works together towards the same goal; understanding that each role is different however important. Team chemistry is not something that happens overnight; however, once achieved, it creates a noticeable change in productivity and business success.

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Always help & work together to achieve the objective at hand.

Here are some tips on how to grow and maintain chemistry with your team members.

· Have a strong work ethic

· Always be honest with one another.

· There is no “I” in team it’s always about the collective.

· Trust each other through thick and thin.

· Learn how to resolve issues quickly.

· Be respectful to each other in high tension situations.

· Never lose sight of the objectives.

· Always work hard & together always as a unit.

· Learning your team members strength and weakness.

· Continuity.

Communication is key! Building trust and valuing one another’s contribution is extremely important. Being transparent and staying aligned on the mission will result in the ultimate goal achievement.

Written By Jelan Cumberbatch, Edited By Kalesh Forde. Keep posted and Log on

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