How to Keep Motivated In The Music Business Even When Things Are Difficult

Life is never a smooth easy road, but overcoming difficult times really shows true character. There will be obstacles, it’s part of the journey of this beautiful life. Once you can overcome them, you become a stronger and a better person; obstacles should be seen teachers, they always teach you an important lesson that may not have learnt before. There is no problem too big or too difficult to conquer once equipped with the right information and right strategy. Here are some tips that may help with this.

.Always have a positive attitude and outlook on everything no matter how bad things get, this may be very difficult at first, but try your best to always keep positive, the law of attraction, think positive and positive things attract to you- (one should read “The Secret by Rhonda Byrne).

Find a nice quiet place to read all these positive books, even if one has to get up 15 min earlier in the day. it changes your perspestive in life and can inspire change.
No obstacle is too high or too big ,that can’t’ be conquered with the right mind set/ perservance & right strategy.

.Always see the good in every bad situation. Always aim to be that person see the good and learn from it.

· I suggest one listen or watch Motivational podcasts/ videos at least 30 min each day. Eg Joel Olsteen, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Robert Kiyosaki plus much more. One can find time to do this, whether you’re in the gym, driving, lunch break in work or even if you wake up 1 hour earlier. This will pump you up and get you going

. Reading positive books- “The seat of soul by Gary Zukav”, “Eat that frog- Brain Tracy”, “The Outliers- Malcolm Gladwell”, “The Power of Now- Eckart Tolle “These books could impact your day in a very positive way. Reading at least 25–30 min a day one can complete 25–30 books a year. This will positively impact on your outlook of bad situations.

Always aim to be happy and read books that will assist you to reach your goal and dreams. In life that’s the most important thing happiness.

Exercising and eating healthy- Being healthy and keep active helps you feel physically good and this will give you the energy to combat through your day and to keep sharp.

Exercise regularly to keep fit physically as well as have more energy during the day.

· Surrounding yourself with positive people/ friends- These two sayings are true “ You are the sum of five “5” people that you are constantly around “ & “Show me your friends and I will show you who you are”. Keep your immediate circle of very successful/ inspirational & positive people, they should inspire you by helping you be a better version of yourself by helping you develop, tell you when you’re wrong, steer you in the right direction

Be careful who you keep in your inner circle, not everyone that smiles with you is your friend and wants the best for you. Develop your inner circle of positive & inspirational people.

Visit for more information. Article written by Jelan Cumberbatch & edited by Kalesh Forde.