How To Manage Difficult Situations In Airports

Jelan cumberbatch
Oct 2, 2017 · 2 min read

When touring and travelling to different countries and territories you come across and interact with airport officials, flight attendants and sometimes you come across situations beyond your control i.e weather, loss of luggage, unexpected delay, cancelled flights and so on.

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Sometimes unexpected delays at the airport. Remain calm and keep posted for more info.

I’ve come up with eight practical tips to dealing with some problems you might encounter.

· Send an email or call to leave a complaint putting all details, document the employee/employees particulars.

· Try to record all conversations or video record everything to have evidence if you sense things not going the right way.

.Add credit card hotline numbers, airline contacts and embassy/consulate numbers to your mobile.

· Make copies of passports and credit cards as well as mobile phone contacts; give a copy to someone you trust and keep another on your person.

· Know before you go. Always, always examine your tickets but also check for updates on your airline’s website and/or Facebook, Apps and/or tweets.

.Always carry cash preferably USD when travelling just in case you may have to buy food, snacks or have an unexpected layover.

.Label all luggage properly or add a name badge so you can easily identify your luggage.

Written by Jelan Cumberbatch, Edited By Kalesh Forde. Visit

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