The difference between A Booking Agent and an Artiste Manager.

Jelan cumberbatch
Sep 4, 2017 · 2 min read

In the entertainment business an artiste manager and a booking agent are becoming quintessential in the success and longevity of an artist’s music career; however, at times the roles are not very clear or understood.

Here are the definitions of both artiste manager and booking agent.

Artiste Manager

An artiste manager is becoming a part of every facet of an artiste life professionally and personally and it’s essentially helping direct the career path and success of an artiste. Artiste management comprises of understanding human nature, leadership, coaching, networking, communication, making good decisions and managing high pressure situations.

Both Managers and Booking Agents for artistes are always on business and is constantly seeking the best possible deals for the artiste or client.

Booking Agent

It’s an individual who connects an artiste with paying performances. Agents are involved in negotiating for artistes to appear in commercials, arranging tour sponsorships and in some instances in television specials.

In some cases artistes has both manager and booking agent or signed to a booking agency. Most managers are not booking agents and most booking agents are not managers, for efficiency and effectiveness managers and booking agents work hand in hand.

(Reference Allen Paul (2007) Management For The Music Business Second Edition).

Written by Jelan Cumberbatch, Edited by Kalesh Forde. Visit

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