Tips to be a Successful Dj In Today’s Market from a Manager’s Point of View

To be a successful DJ in today’s competitive and saturated market, one must employ several strategies that will help you stand out. Here are some general tips to keep in mind.

· Make sure your social media pages reflect your job and what your brand is about.

· One should build a good team around the Dj- Manager, Booking Agent, PR and other professionals that will assist in your upward mobility in one’s career.

· Clear outline on goals- short term and long term.

Always be fully focused on the set.

· Should always be properly dressed for any type of occassion that may arise.

· Must be well spoken and well-mannered because interacting with patrons in events as well as other business professionals are fundamental to grow your brand expotentially .

· Always represent one’s brand when out in the public. Eg. Wearing memorabilia directly associated with dj, t shirts with said Dj logo’s on shirts, hats, bags etc.

Always be on top of your craft.

· Being creative with marketing strategies by planning with your immediate team, writing down ideas and then developing and finally executing.

· Keeping supporters/ fans engaged by supplying them with mixes of music in different genres with popular songs on popular music sites ie. soundcloud, mixcloud, podcasts and other popular mediums.

.Constantly do research in music and keep up to date with all international charts in different genres of music as well as in one’s country/ culture. To be a good dj one should always know what the public loves.

Keeping the crowd entertained is always the goal for the Dj.

· Travelling to different territories & countries to learn about different types of music and different techniques to enhance one ability of improving to be a better dj.

Written by Jelan Cumberbatch- Edited By Kalesh Forde. Visit for more information