Two Basic Steps to Approach Marketing in Creative Industries


I will start this off by stating that at a basic level, business can be broken down into two parts: Marketing and Innovation. This post will focus on how to approach marketing. I use the term business often in this article even though it is focused on creatives like singers, dancers, producers, etc. I do this purposely so you will understand that you as a creative are a brand, and your brand is your business.

Understand What you Do

Marketing is essential to the success of any business, and the question I am most asked is, “Where do I start?” You start by first understanding what business you are in. This may sound simple, and indeed it is, but failing to understand this can cause you to make bad decisions in your career. This is a very common mistake made by a lot of talented people. So start by gathering information about your craft, both past and present. The internet is a great resource for this. I also recommend subscribing to podcasts, newsletters, and magazines related to your craft. Use this information to understand what business you are from a higher perspective.

For example, singers commonly believe that they are in the singing business, when in fact they are in the entertainment business. Study every great singer and you will realize that they understood this and used that understanding to drive their career. When you have a grasp of what business you are in, you can then move on and plan for your market.

Solid Foundation

One must have a well thought out plan to achieve any goal. A Marketing plan is no different. It’s purpose is to get your brand in front of your target audience. My recommendation is to write down all plans and goals on paper or digitally. First list your long term goals, which is what you aim to achieve in five years. Then make a list of short term goals. The short term goals are what you aim to achieve in 6 months to a year from now, that will get you to your long term goals.

Now you have a firm understanding of your business and your goals. Use this understanding to build your marketing plan which will help you achieve you goals.

This is my first blog post on medium. Written by Jelan Cumberbatch- Edited by Atiba Cumberbatch. Visit for more information