Visa and Immigration

This is a very essential step for traveling purposes for the entertainer and their travel party. It is the manager’s responsibilities to check on every country/ territory to get the necessary visas / work permits for said entertainer.

Taking the escalator on the way to immigration, must clear immgration first before retriving your luggage unless told otherwise by the revelant authorties

I would suggest hiring an immigration lawyer to assist in filling out all the forms and give consul with respect to visa application process, which can be very confusing. If mistakes are made, it can result in a denial of visas. It is the promoter’s responsibility to secure work permits for the artiste and travel party and should be stated in the artist’s contract. Also, it is important for management to conduct research on the countries to be visited prior to departure to ensure that they met all travelling criteria’s.

This is a process which should not be neglected and be taken very seriously.

Fill out immgiration forms in full detail, N.B must have all necessary information i.e hotel information/ address/ phone contact etc prior to leaving one’s country


Artist and Travel party should comply with all immigration laws in each country/ state or territory. When in the airport and approaching any immigration officer or personnel one should be courteous, pleasant and keen to answer all questions. Immigration officers may act or treat you in a way that you may not agree with, however it’s their country and laws; one should abide and respect that.

Artiste and travel party should not travel with any illegal substances and should dress appropriately when travelling, one must remember you are representing yourself and your country and your music so it’s essential you put your best foot forward and show that level of professionalism.

Visit for more information. Written by Jelan Cumberbatch & edited- Kalesh Forde.