The Bale Case — a dark side of football where it’s possible for referees to become softies and players to turn into savage butchers

Antonio Conte said a few years ago: ’’Appreciate my ugly truths rather than beautiful lies’’. Hard-man style. “When we step on to the field, we must realize that there is an entire country resting on our shoulders. This is why we must give 110 per cent every time. Knowing me and knowing the players, that is what will happen.” And truly, it happens every time when Conte leads the guys. He makes a knights in his team, and that is his specialty. I bet that this gentleman is disgusted by ’modern’ activities of football players and other sport workers. Should we remain quiet and accept shameless behavior and non-gentleman gestures on the pitch?

Where are your manners Sirs? Where is your manhood and knighthood? Should we be worried about humanity in this sport?

Sports don’t build character. They reveal it.

’’For insults on racial grounds players are being punished for eight matches, and for bloody start which is dangerous for career they are being punished only once…’’ — Hamann made critics for Bale and responds to ’morons’ on Twitter.

The word ’’shame’’ is mostly used in football without valid reason, for example, when a player or a team suffer a heavy defeat (even if they’ve objectively gave the best of them). And on the places where it screams to be mentioned and written with bold huge letters somehow and by habit it is missing.

What other words are left to use when we talk about the dread which happened during the match Ireland vs. Wales? We have a situation where one of the best players in the world and his coach are trying to hush up the ’’crime’’ that happened in the 68th minute of the match.

There was a time when the knighthood in sport had been valued exactly the same as a win. Then the bloody start would be considered as a crime for a jail. Today, for that violation one of the most expensive players in the history of football Gareth Bale is disappointed because he got a yellow card. Furthermore, he announced that he will complain because he is going to miss the next match in the qualifications versus Serbia.

‘’How does he even consider to complain for the yellow card which supposed to be the red one?’’ the Irish selector Martin O’Neal disappointedly said after the match. He was disappointed especially for the broken leg of Seamus Coleman.

O’Neal also pointed at something which nobody else ascertained: if referee Nicola Rizzoli had showed Bale a red card, as it should, probably Seamus Coleman wouldn’t end up carrying out on the bier from the pitch. Like he wanted to advise the players that they should go and play ‘straight to the bone’.

We have heard many times that the rules of the game have been adjusted to the best football players, to the creative ones, to the dribblers, so the arbitrators can protect them from the rough backs and all in the name of a beautiful football. In this case, Bale who is estimated at almost 100M euros, has furiously attacked the defensive players. The coach of Wales awkwardly justifies that as ‘’his big wish to get to the ball as soon as possible’’. Because of that Bale’s ‘’big wish’’ O’Shea has almost ended up in hospital.

Former player of Liverpool and Germany national team Dietmar Hamann posted a photo on Twitter which clearly shows Bale’s shoe sole straightly pointed at O’Shea’s tibia. Hamman wrote below ’’This is for all the morons who are convincing me that Bale was going on the ball. Cowardly. O’Shea can thank to his lucky star.’’ The Bale case is obviously threatening to become an example of today’s football. FIFA is struggling to balance their activities, but instead of focusing on the secondary things, the main creators of football standings need to take care about the game, player’s physical and mental health, their motivation and responsible public identity.

The fight against the racism in football is necessary but it is a paradox that punishments for this violation are drastically higher than for violations that are very dangerous for player’s career (even for their life!). For example, 6 years ago, Luis Suarez (as a Liverpool player) was punished with eight matches and 50.000 euros because he insulted Patrice Evra on racial grounds, although the court proved that he is not a racist (which Evra confirmed himself). Similar thing happened to Celtic football player Alexandar Tonev. Three years ago he missed seven matches because of the same issue on the count of Shay Logan.

For that Bale did, only one match is a punishment. Actually, he won’t play against Serbia just because it is his second yellow card (he could even get it for a banal thing, for example for an arguing with a referee) and not because he compromised safety of the opponent player. It looks like Bale’s violation is eight times lighter than Suarez’s. However, we are all sure that O’Shea would probably rather choose the worst insults on every possible ground over the Bale’s rough attack on him.