Hi Jelena thanks for the comment.
Sean Everett

I don’t buy this argument. I CAN shoplift easily by using the loophole racism creates – nobody pays much attention to white girls in professional clothing at department stores. But if I wrote a tutorial on how, would you criticize the loophole, or criticize my choice to be a thief? Both, I hope.

I noticed your friend had no problem paying Facebook for the value they added to his page. He should seek out the individual creators whose work he took and do the same for them that he was willing to do for one of the world’s wealthiest corporations – pay for what they contributed to the growth of a page which has become a valuable asset to him.

I’m petty enough and disappointed enough in your response that I think I’ll spend some time finding the sources of his content and alerting them to the unauthorized use of their work so they can send an invoice.

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