At its best, Medium is a place for thoughtful discussion about a whole range of issues — an…
Bobbie Johnson

This is a solid response, but I fear Medium may fall into the false equivalency trap (already demonstrated in some of the community guidelines) where both “sides” always get exactly the same thing – not a realistic way to handle politics in the real world.

There’s a genuine difference between, for instance, black lives matter and blue lives matter. BLM is a movement to increase the freedom of a group and reduce mortality; blue lives matter is a disorganized group of people angry about BLM who seem to have no goals besides trolling minorities & opposing consequences for police officers who kill unarmed civilians. One is a people’s movement, the other is a gaggle of trolling counterprotesters. They don’tdon’t deserve to be treated as equal. The existence of people who believe a thing doesn’t legitimize it.

I’ve been hearing concerns for a while about Medium making space for pedophiles to publish what some see as a public relations effort to re-brand pedophilia. There seems to be a trend here toward the Reddit approach to “free speech,” IOW, moral relativism combined with internet libertarianism. A collection of pro life stories really didn’t bother me much, but the idea of always giving opposing viewpoints the exact same amount of space does. Will you make a tab for creationists? A tab for people who think grabbing women by the pussy isn’t assault?

I love that Medium has human curation and I hope you use that privilege to do one of the few things humans can do that algorithms still can’t: take a principled stand.