13 things I would tell my 13 year-old-self

Don’t grow up too fast

You will miss the days when all you had to worry about was finishing your homework before your class teacher comes around with his dreaded kiboko.

Grades are not everything

Breath… Life will not end of you don’t end up in the newspaper as a top KCPE performer. You will still go to your dream school and get a great job. Do your best and let God take you where he wills.

Climb a tree NOW!!!

You will not have an excuse to later on in life. While you are at it-learn to ride a bike. Some of these things are standard growing up experiences.

Keep in touch with your friends

You will regret not doing so later on in life. The friends you make now will need you at some point and your silence will be a barrier to reaching out. Oh, and some of your childhood friends will be there for your in ways you cannot imagine later. Be kind to them, even when they are being difficult.

It’s okay to be curious and outgoing

In fact, this trait will prove useful in the future. You and your words will have have a long love-hate relationship, but in the end you will see it was well worth it.

Love and give freely. Keep writing those cute doodle notes to your friends. Keep making new friends. Keep trying out new things. Follow your bliss, love.

Get out more

Videos and movies are not going anywhere, but sunny days where you can lounge outside will be few and far between in the future. So go for a walk, a swim, bask…just get out.

Cherish small town life

Enjoy growing up in Eldoret. Nairobi is not what it is cracked up to be. You will miss your quiet hometown desperately when you relocate there for college. And getting a weekend home will be nearly impossible when you start your career.

Please get stylish frames…please

Stop wearing gold wire rimmed glasses. They date you…by like 20 years. And don’t believe what mom says about them-she gave birth to you so she is biased!!! You could wear luminous rainbow frames and she will still say you look good.

You won’t be taller than 5'2"

Sure, you are one of the tallest people in your class now-but everyone will overtake you. Gogo will make fun of you. Accept it. Deal with it. This is the only time you will be the tallest person in the room…like seriously.

Be the free spirit you are

I’m sure by now you have noticed that you are a little odd…and that is not necessarily a bad thing. Embrace it. Throw yourself into drama and music clubs, keep writing your poetry and staring at the sky.

Don’t stop asking questions. Do not allow people to let you what you should be. Oh, and do not let your own doubts lead you to lead a less authentic life. Authenticity may lead to temporary loneliness, but when you find your tribe of fellow free spirits your strange flames will burn a brilliant hue of awesome.

Develop a habit of saving money now

You’ll come to see that it is not how much money you make-but the amount of many you keep at the end of the day. So get an early start. Oh, and this is a lesson that seems easier than it is. You’ll get the hang of it, eventually.

Don’t be afraid of disappointment and failure

You’d rather try, fail and learn-rather than play it safe. Mistakes, like all other experiences in life, are teachable moments. So when things don’t go the way you planned-learn from that and forge forward.

Some of the most significant things in your life will come out of seeming failures. Lean into the discomfort; it’s a vital part of the journey.

Finally, LIVE.

Enjoy yourself. Every day. Life flies by fast. Cherish it.

Take care of you, love. Fiercely.