Sometimes, people need to feel uncomfortable.

I was browsing through some articles on Adweek before going to bed tonight, and came across this piece about an ad done by BBDO New York.

It gives us the impression that it would be an adorable, budding romance between some high school kids. Well, take a look….

The ending is chilling, unnerving, and uncomfortable. But very much needed. It speaks to the lack of attention we pay to things not in our line of focus. As heartbreaking and painful it is to realize that these situations actually happen in real life, it is a wake up call we need to snap out of our ignorance. Paying attention to the words, behavior and actions of others can help keep others safe and give people the support they need to heal.

This ad, done by BBDO New York, was created on behalf of a non profit formed by the parents who lost their children during the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School four years ago. All the more meaningful of a message to share. Though many people can find advertising to be particularly skeevy based on a few bad apples, it is ads like this that remind us they can be used for good.