My Other Challenge

Excerpts from my daily journaling challenge

Sunday the 1st: … pork roast, sauerkraut, blackeyed peas

Wednesday the 4th: Back still hurts, but not as much. Left work early to get horizontal time.

Thursday the 5th: My multiple-meds strategy of pain management is working — hopefully my back will feel better before I get jaundiced.

Saturday the 7th: … I mowed my face and accidentally trimmed a line across my beard. Had to shave all my face to a short length. So far, (my wife) seems OK with it, so far. Posted “How Google will Leapfrog Alexa” on Medium.

Saturday the 14th: Posted part two of “How Google will Leapfrog Alexa”

Tuesday the 17th: Watched Ladyhawke. Cheesy, but didn’t suck. Maybe due for a remake?

Thursday the 19th: (my wife) slept in. I took the kids to school.

Saturday the 21st: Women’s March around the world. 20,000 in Phoenix. Date Night: Hidden Figures — strongly recommend.

Sunday the 22nd: Posted “I’m Being Stalked by a Time Traveler” on Medium.

Tuesday the 24th: Travel to Tucson for work. Got to drive a sweet Chrysler 300 with the full length skylight. (my wife) liked it too.

Wednesday the 25th: Freeze warning overnight. Snow on top of Mt. Lemmon.

Friday the 27th: Haven’t started my weekly blog post yet. Feeling discouraged.

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