Prophecy Revealed

“What?” I yelled, “The four of us, the Season Fairies, have been here since the world was joined?”

“Yes,” Moon answered. “Because Sun and I are opposites, when we joined together, the world made opposites of its own. You four appeared along with the fairies that help your seasons come and go. Together we built a village, but Sun I had used so much power, we had to go back into shiny balls in the sky.”

Maple was about to say something, but Sleet was faster. She stepped forwards and said, “So this palace was built for you to? That’s why only Moon could open the door to the extra bedroom. It’s her’s.”

“If we’re in the palace,” Maple said, “which room are we in?”

I finally looked around the room and saw that we were standing in front of six thrones. On the far left, there was a throne woven with golden twigs and amber tree leafs. Next to that was a blindingly white crystal throne. On the far right was a throne made up completely of pink tulip petals. Next to that one was made of gold, but it was kind of misshapen, like it was melting.

The two thrones in the middle were the most impressive. A golden throne, similar to the one next to it, but bigger and a large circle at the top, sat next to a less deformed throne, with a silver circle molded onto it.

“We’re in the throne room,” Sun said. “It must have reappeared when we got our memories back. These thrones are for us.”

She turned to Moon and said, “Moon, we’re wasting time with the past. If we don’t hurry — ”

“Fine,” Moon sighed and said, “Sleet, Breezy, Maple, and Juniper. The first line in the prophecy, Sun and Moon comets will appear, well this meaning is obvious. Sun and I came here in a comet. The second line, signaling the end is near, the beast is back.

I was very interested at this.

Sun continued, “Opposites are your only chance, meaning we six are the world’s only chance of not being destroyed. Unless you want the stars to dance, the star fairies will explode if we fail. Moon was created in a hurricane. She is safe. I was made when several stars fused together, so I have star magic in my blood. If we fail, I’ll explode along with Moon’s star fairies.