The End

Juniper, Fairy of Spring

So. Just in case you don’t understand what’s happened in the last few days, here’s the recap:

A fairy version of Moon fell from the sky. We four Season Fairies, and Moon, found the prophecy, but we had no idea what in meant. The fairy version of Sun fell from the sky. Sun and Moon got their memories back so they were able to tell us that the prophecy says that if we fail to kill the Beast, there will be lots of exploding.


I’ve been screaming ‘What?’ lately, so I let Sleet give it a try.


See? She’s even better than me.

“You’re going to explode? Star fairies are going to explode? Why didn’t you say something earlier? Wait, what are Star Fairies?”

“Star Fairies,” Sun said, “are the fairies who control the stars. They only come out at night, so they’re under Moon’s control. I control the Cloud Fairies.”

Moon suddenly looked a little annoyed.

“Have you ever noticed that there are clouds in the sky at night too? But no stars during the day? How is that fair?”

I think I’m siding with Moon this time. Moon is the older Sky Sister (because you can’t have light without dark), but there always seems to be more of Sun’s power lying around.

“Moon, I told you, I’ve tried. Clouds go with the wind. They’re easily distracted and forgetful. I can’t always control them.

When Sun said forgetful, I panicked.

“Stop fighting! Today is still the first day of spring, and now we have to fight a mysterious monster, one no one has ever seen before, and leave the village! How do we even know when the stars are going to explode?” I was very panicked. That’s all I could get out before Maple slapped her hand over my mouth.

Maple whispered, “Put some one else in charge. We don’t know when the stars will explode. That’s why we need to leave. Now.

Maple might be extremely, annoyingly calm, but that helped her stay focused.

After that, I left and gave Ivy, captain of my Flower, Rain, and Life Fairies, all of my plans for this spring. Then I asked her to help gather everyone into the center of the village.

An hour later I had packed food, medicine, potions, and a few extra pairs of clothes. I flew to the big golden oak tree were everyone had been gathered. I saw that the others had packed.

Sleet had already started talking, “There is something urgent outside of the village that we must take care of.”

The Owl Fairies must have been pretty suspicious. Only Moon and Sun’s memories have been restored. Most fairies in the village still don’t trust Sleet because she’s an outsider who ‘forced’ her way into leading Winter. Really, only the winter fairies trust her.

“We need all of you to stay here. No fairy, animal, or plant leaves,” I said firmly, “Ivy has the plans for this spring. What she says goes.”

And at that, Moon, Sun, Sleet, Breezy, Maple, and I flew of into the forest.

“Um… Does anyone know were we’re going? Or how we’re going to defeat the army of corrupted animal souls the Beast has probably put together?”

Sun turned to me, “The Beast needs help from the Chaos River Nymphs to turn animals evil, and we… Got rid of them, remember? As for finding him, well, Moon can help with that.”

Moon must have understood, because she made another sparkly silver ball of light and shot it into the air. It fell on top of us and trapped us in a miniature night.

I immediately saw a white beam of light near a rocky cliff.

“There he is,” Breezy said as the Night Magic wore off.

“But how are we going to fight him?”

I had an idea.

“Guys! He’s next to a cliff! Sleet, you’re the fastest. Maybe you could fly over and push him over! I packed some potions. There should be an invisibility one in here, but it tastes terrible,” I said pulling off my pack. I dug out the vial and split the potion into six cups. We each drank, almost spit the tar flavored liquid back out, and we couldn’t see each other any more.

I heard Sleet’s voice say, “This only lasts for a while, right? I’m going, you guys follow. Come on!

As we flew closer I could see that the rocks at the bottom of the cliff were very sharp. A black figure distracted me. It was the Beast. He was almost formless. He was covered in slick black fur and looking at a map. Just as I realized it was a map of our village, Sleet must’ve pushed him over the edge, because he fell so fast there was no time to scream.

“So that’s it,” I said, “He’s gone.”

This had seemed way too easy. The Beast must have been planning an attack. But he’s gone, pushed off a cliff, hopefully fell onto rocky ledges on the way down, and broke all of his bones when landing in the Chaos River.

There was silence on the way home. The potion had worn off by the time we were back. Telling everyone that it was Sleet who pushed the Beast off the cliff made them fell guilty for not trusting her, so they apologized and I guess the Party Fairies were just too excited, because all at once they flew everywhere, preparing for a huge celebration.

I know that ending was kinda boring, and the story was really short, but like I said in the beginning: I’m practicing.

So I hope you liked it!

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