Let’s talk promiscuity…

I have noticed an increase of interest in women empowerment and movements supporting this amazing cause as well as ladies taking a stand on social media and demanding to have their voices heard. The topic of promiscuity will always be an important one in regards to the double standards that we know and feel still exist today.

I read somewhere today “A woman’s life is not an audition to be your wife.” Amen!

What a woman chooses to do with her body and who she decides to give it to, is down to her and her only. This idea that an ‘experienced’ woman is any less of a woman because of the amount of people she has slept with or how she has chosen to do so, is absolute bullshit.

However, having said all of this, I think that the emotional vulnerability involved with sex can sometimes do more damage than good to a young woman that maybe feels incomplete, or is using sex as a tool to feel better about themselves. In that case, I believe sex is used as a mask for what is in fact a plea for attention and most importantly for love. We have all been there, thinking that the only gift we have to offer a man for his time is sex. Deep down believing, ‘This is all he wants. This is all I have to give, how could he possibly want me for anything more?”. In practice, by thinking these things we have basically said; I am not worthy.

Your time, your presence and your love alone are the greatest gifts you can give to a man. Sex should not make you feel ‘complete’ that should come beforehand.

9/10 if you are in a position where you are about to be intimate with someone and you have asked yourself; “should I be doing this?” The answer is no.

So let’s all learn from our mistakes and aim for nothing but self love and the most humongous sense of self worth! Who we become after achieving this is real. It’s who you are, so fucking own it!

Shout out to all you beautiful ladies loving yourselves and not apologising for who you are or your journey!

Remember you are human. You are magic.