A More Colorful You

Signing up and sharing your interests is interactive and more robust.

We’ve made joining Jelly smarter under the hood, more fun, useful, and colorful. People with an active account on Jelly all share something in common — they enjoy helping others. Find out the appeal, join Jelly for free. The rewarding part of Jelly is elevated when your profile displays how helpful you are. And Jelly is more fun when you can meet the other people who share your interests. (More on that in our next update.)

Our Interest in Your Interests

One of the most powerful tools we can use to find out what sort of person you are and what sort of interests you have, is to ask you. Our new join flow does a better job of letting you tell us you interests. From there, we can infer some related interests. When we know more about you, we can deliver you content and questions that are enjoyable and easy for you to answer. The idea is for you to have fun, while someone else gets help.

We’ll be building out more ways to interact with other helpful people on Jelly, you can think of it as the social network with a purpose. From the beginning, we’ve said that the true promise of a connected society is people helping each other. That’s what Jelly is all about. Making Jelly fun makes it more useful. As more people sign up, there are more opinions, experience, and practical knowledge breathing life into Jelly.

Jelly At It’s Core

A core assumption of Jelly is that for every query, there is a person who can help. Jelly is a completely different approach to search (hence a healthy partnership with Google). We don’t serve up links to relevant documents, we deliver custom written answers. The answers are provided by helpful, experienced, opinionated, and knowledgeable people like you. Jelly’s challenge is to find a good match between query and helper.

That’s one of the most interesting aspects of engineering at Jelly — using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and any other tool we can get our hands on, to deliver a question that stumps one person, but is a no-brainer for another person. It’s very satisfying knowing that you helped someone in a big way, even though it seemed effortless to you. It’s also a source of pride to have folks see just how helpful you are on your profile.

Biz StoneCo-founder and CEO

Jelly Industries, Inc.

Originally published at blog.jelly.co on November 16, 2016.

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