Jesus Walks, Kanye Stumbles
Marcus K. Dowling

Though I agree Kanye has his own flaws and complexity, I don’t think you truly understand what the album Yeezus and The Life Of Pablo tells. With Kanye, he treats his albums as art and as such it can only be digested as a whole. I suggest that you should revisit Yeezus or TLOP (though it currently still unfinished) and listen to every word from start to finish because ultimately the album tells a tale of sin and redemption rather than how great he is. Now of course, I’m not defending Kanye and his Twitter rants or his constant shifting state of having a huge ego or religious humility. But I think if everyone took a step back and have an open mind on judging Kanye’s music without the influence of his persona, then we can all realize why the man has 21 Grammys and 7 critically acclaimed albums.

Additionally, I think you are also misinterpreting the visual of why Yeezy season 3 look the way it did. It had nothing to do with religion but refugees. In fact, with some simple research, you would have known Kanye wasn’t even involved in the staging of his show. It’s best to do your research before you pour out your opinions.

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