What this blog will be like

The idea of creating a blog began when I visited this wonderful website (markmanson.net — check it out if you want to really bring some new perspective into your life) and got inspired by a particular article titled ‘Your Goals are Overrated’.

In that article Mark wrote about ‘keystone habits’, which are habits that have a substantial impact in someone’s life. As you may have guessed one of them includes writing — and after sleeping on the idea for one night, I simply woke up the next morning and created a blog on Medium.

Anyways, to keep it short, here’s what you readers should expect about the content of this blog:

  • Mostly honest thoughts and second thoughts about life
  • A certain degree of introspection
  • Some perspective from this 19-year-old about life
  • Simple psychological ramblings
  • Etc.

I sincerely hope the readers will find my writing enjoyable, interesting, and thought-provoking. And if it isn’t, I would be glad to hear criticism in hopes that I can improve more on this personal project of mine. And lastly to fellow bloggers, I would be more than glad to share ideas and get in touch!

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