How to Choose the Best Blockchain API for Your Project

Sometimes finding the most suitable blockchain API is a real challenge. A variety of diverse products bewilders developers as each API offers unique features and functionality. Different performance, scalability and security levels, development technologies, the need for multiple cryptocurrencies support — all these aspects require a comprehensive consideration.

To discuss specific examples, Coinbase API is perfect for NodeJS developers who seek a solution for implementing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies transactions into an existing application.

Bitcore API realizes its full potential in a peer-to-peer network based on the JavaScript technology along with the modular architecture.

Factom API meets the requirements of unlimited data size, price, format and request frequency. It is considered a breakthrough in blockchain API capabilities.

Developers associate Gem API with outstanding e-wallet security. Together with decent scalability, this API is a reliable choice for those who seek additional security in their transactions.

Classic approach adherents prefer Blockchain API. The full set of e-wallet operation functionality, JSON data format, stable network with low timeouts — it is everything they’re looking for.

However, the list isn’t limited to these reputed products. As the trend for blockchain development increases, more and more high-quality progressive APIs appear on the web, and it’s up to you to make the right decision. Objective assessment and analysis are the keys to making a successful blockchain API choice.

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