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I didn’t realize the definition of woman was something most people don’t know: See that? Adult FEMALE human. Also, the concept of a “cis” identity is fucking offensive to women because you imply that all women identify with these stereotypes of womanhood which have led to our marginalization for millennia: that we are weak, intellectually inferior, naturally inclined to be submissive or sexually objectified. None of us identify with that. All we identify with is having been born with a vagina. Furthermore the concept of cis is used incorrectly anyway. If you’re a transwoman then, using cis terminology, you literally cannot be a woman. Because your trans identity relates back to your having been born a male — if you were ACTUALLY a woman, then you’d be a cis woman, not a transwoman. And if transwoman were actually synonymous with woman, then you wouldn’t need to argue for a “cis” gender identity — because woman would be the default and transwoman would be the special case. So there would be no such thing as Cis. But because you all continually need to try and play oppression olympics as your political tactic, you all demonstrate how full of shit you are. If Cis men are men whose gender ID is congruent with their body, then the very fact transwomen call themselves TRANS demonstrates that they aren’t actually whatever it is that comes after trans (i.e. “Man” or “woman”) — and furthermore it makes no sense linguistically that a man who identifies as Cis is called a man, but a man who identifies as trans considers himself to be a woman. The very fact you call yourself trans demonstrates you’re not actually a woman — otherwise you would be a CIS woman!! You can never be anything other than a transwoman, if you’ve been born a male. So implying that women, who are a marginalized group — and are marginalized based on our SEX, not our gender ID — do not get to 1. Define themselves, is SUPER misogynistic and only complete and utter creeps truly believe that women should NOT get to define their own class (that men who identify as women should get to define us, instead), so shame on you for even supporting such a notion, and 2. That women don’t get to simply call ourselves women, rather than “Cis women” — when meanwhile this idea that women “identify” with “woman” as a gender, which is the source of our oppression, is just a completely asinine suggestion, and anyone who truly believes such a thing should really consider doing the rest of the humans on this planet a favor, and leave. You know transwomen can still rape women? In fact, they can even rape women who identify as men — out of a desire to impregnate said transmen!! Look at Cherno Biko — and he spoke at Women’s March. Yeah. Fuck this gender ID bullshit, and fuck anyone who argues otherwise.