Day Number 2

It’s only day two and I’m already starting to give up. FML. I was having a shower and thinking ‘Point A: nobody wants to read anything I have to say, and Point 2: I don’t want the world knowing what I have to say’. Not that anyone is actually going to read this, but hopefully you understand my point. The internet is a vast and scary place and anything I publish will be there forever. That’s quite a scary thought, like if I’m working high up in governments I don’t want something I wrote when I was a teenager to be the reason I resign (just one of the reasons I have never downloaded twitter).

Ok, time to stop procrastinating. Work to be done. Ugh. Specifically an essay. Yay. I’m joking, it is kind of interesting, there’s just a thousand other things I’d rather be doing.




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Jem Rees

Jem Rees


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